What We Do

Advancement of education

Assisting and encouraging reputable educational or training establishments

Social development

To engage in research in all relevant fields for the benefit and development of the society in local and global manner.

Advanced research

To promote and encourage advanced research among the youth with academics and development organizations especially in the communities of Bangladesh and globally in general.

Sustainable development

To work for sustainable development at level of local, societal and global at large in the areas of skills, economic, social and health.

Skills development

To provide training for skills on academic research, IT and showcase of ideas among young and enthusiasts.

Human rights

To assist and cooperate in boosting, development and protections of universally accepted Human rights.

Volunteer Service

To engage and provide support in rigorous volunteer work impacting toward social good.

Building peace and harmony

To support and work towards building religious harmony and peaceful bridges between religious communities or any type of support and help which is deemed necessary to reduce gaps and boost social and religious harmony.




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